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 Personality of Aries, the Ram - March 21 to April 20

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PostSubject: Personality of Aries, the Ram - March 21 to April 20   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:19 am

The star stone of this planet is the diamond, and its ruling planet is Mars. Aries is said to rule the brain and head, and people of this sign have a tendency toward migraines, nervous disorders and depression.

Males of this sign have a tendency to plan for the future, make great leaders, and have a determination to succeed. They also can be contradictory and don't always get their facts straight. In relationships these men "like to wear the pants" and are strict disciplinarians in regards to their children.

Females are always ready to meet any challenge. They are self-motivated, but quick tempered. When it comes to family and career, she is excellent at balancing both, but has a tendency toward jealousy in relationships.

Children of Aries are energetic and curious. They do not think before they act and need to learn patience. They are inquisitive, and have a great memory.

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Personality of Aries, the Ram - March 21 to April 20
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