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 Art Board Clock

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PostSubject: Art Board Clock   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:11 am

Is there ever enough time in the day to do everything you want to do, or better yet, need to do? Never.

So today, slow down for a few minutes just for you. What's it going to hurt? Watch the second hand on your clock tick away at least five minutes. You will be amazed at how many things will rush to mind, the clarity you will gain from it, and the sense of well being you'll enjoy while just sitting in the moment.

Time is a precious commodity. Spend a little of it on yourself. It is a great luxury that's one of life's little pleasures. Enjoy!

You'll Need:

1 8x10 Fredrix Art Canvas Board
Artistic Woodworking Self-Sticking Fleur De Lis
1" Wooden Numbers (enough to make a full clock dial - numbers 1-12)
1 .385" Walnut Hollow Clockworks Kit
DecoArt Light Buttermilk Acrylic Craft Paint
DecoArt Woodland Brown Patio Paint
Aleene's Ultimate Tacky Glue
Tools Needed:

Drill with ¼" drill bit
Newsprint for protecting surfaces
Sponge brushes
Bowl for water
Paper towels
1 - AA battery for clockworks.


Layout numbers for clock face on art canvas board; glue in place and allow to dry. Center wood fleur de lis on art canvas board; mark placement with pencil. Peel backing off fleur de lis; referring to placement lines, press wood shape firmly to adhere to surface of art canvas board.
Measure and mark center of wood fleur de lis. Drill ¼" dia. hole through wood shape and art canvas board.
Use sponge brush to paint several coats of light buttermilk paint on entire surface allowing paint to dry between coats. Sponge paint surface of numbers and wood fleur de lis by tapping loaded sponge brush on surfaces. Allow paint to dry.
Dip clean sponge brush in water then into small amount of brown paint; paint entire surface making sure to get brown paint into cracks and crevices in numbers and wood shape. Use paper towels to wipe off excess. Repeat process till desired antiquing effect is achieved.
Use sandpaper to lightly sand edges of numbers and wood shape. Insert clockworks according to manufacturer directions.
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Art Board Clock
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